Max Gobbi Engraver

Max Gobbi was born surrounded by the sound of a chisel and hammer beating against harsh steel. He’s following in his father footsteps, his worked at this trade over 30 years and he naturally became fascinated with the beauty that arose on a piece of steel such as flowers, animals and landscapes. In the 1996, after the high school, Max began his studies in “Bottega Incisioni di Cesare Giovanelli” and under the careful guidance of Dario Cortini , he started to learn the art of scrolls, borders and bulino and meanwhile learning from his father the art of gold inlay.
After his mandatory time served with the Army, Max joined his family business and became accustomed with firearms and the art of engraving.
In 1999 he engraved “ Ville Palladiane” , realized under the guide of his friend Carlo Pasotti, who patiently learned him the standard makes up of the tde. Thanks to this job, (that constitutes one characteristic of the production of this young artist), came noticed from the gunmaker Mauro Battaglia, that , confidence in his abilities, commissioned him the first engravings.

Max has put to fruit in little years the understood the experience of his family, but he knows to have undertaken a fascinating road as well as much long; for this he attends course of design of Leo Campanelli, that allows him to improve his subject and most possible like the truth, and continues to make visit to Carl Pasotti to improve the engraving’ techniques .. “it is important that an engraver is complete and that is in a position to engrave a whole work, from the ornamentation or English style of contour, to the real or fantasy landscapes, to the gold inlay and so on ..”
His engravings are appeared in the greater display of guns, i.e. EXA fair in Brescia, IWA fair in Norimberga, arms Moscow,Game fair in England, until Antique show and to the Safari Club in America.